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How To Get Free Shoes

Jan 20, 2024 1899 9
How To Get Free Shoes

Greeting ! 

Many customers ask us to organize Giveaway events so that they can get free sneakers, Today in order to express our sincere gratitude to everyone, Nicekicksshop has specially launched this plan so that everyone who reads this article will have the opportunity to get free sneakers.

There are two ways to get free sneaker ����:

1) Enter below Discord #Giveaway,and leave "I participate" in #Giveway  (click the left link)

2)Promote Nicekicksshop brand on TikTok / YouTube  / Reddit / Instagram or other social media to have a chance get the free sneaker.

How To Get ?

Promote the Nicekicksshop website with your exclusive discount code. 

If 5 people  successfully purchase shoes with your exclusive discount code, you can get a free pair of shoes under $100

5 codes =1 pair sneakers under 100$

 If more than 8 people successfully purchase the shoes using your exclusive discount code,you can get any pair of shoes under $140

8 codes =1 pair sneakers under 140$

If more than 10 people  successful purchase using your exclusive discount code,you can get free any pair of shoes on our site

10 codes =1 pair sneaker (any pair you like)


1) If you want to join the event, please leave your social media username under this blog

Such as :

want nicekicksshop free shoes

My Tik Tok : *******

Instagram: *******

We will contact you proactively and tell you more details about the event and give you an exclusive discount code. 

Or, please contact us by below WhatsApp, Instagram, or Email.

2) After get one of the prizes, you need to re-promote and re-calculate the order which used your exclusive discount code  .


Q: how to know the order use my exlusive code have paid finally?

A: We will create your exclusive discount code then tell you what is your exclusive discount code and check the number of orders based on the usage of the discount code.

Q: If I got three orders rewards this time, can I continue to get three shoe rewards next time?

A: Yes, there is no limit on the number of rewards in this event, and you can get rewards repeatedly.

Q: Is there anything I should pay attention to when i post the videos?

A: Contact us on instagram(nicekicksshop_Official)or WhatsApp (+1 6167554724 and we will tell you the details and teach you how to post the video. 

Nicekicksshop Social Media:

(click the below words)




Youtube:Nice Kicks Shop


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