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Is NiceKicksShop Legit?

Feb 22, 2024 494 0
Is NiceKicksShop Legit?

Is NiceKicksShop Legit or a scam ?

People who have not bought replica shoes from NiceKicksShop will have these questions. "Is NiceKicksShop legit or a scam? " "Can I receive good replica shoes? "If the site safe to payment ”

I will tell you without hesitation:NiceKicksShop are 100% legit ,Now I will prove it to you one by one below and i promise you can buy best replica shoe in NiceKicksShop

1、KOL Review
NiceKicksShop sends lots of shoes for Tiktok and Youtube KOL review

2.Discord Customer Feedback
Once our customer receive shoe, they will share their shoe in discord,and they are enthusiastically answer questions for customers who have not purchased.They think we are sell the best replica sneaker and they got the best customer service.

3.Whatsapp Customer Feedback
There is no doubt that the quality of our repelica shoes is the best. After receiving the shoes, customers will be very happy to share pictures of their shoes with us and give us positive comments on WhatsApp.

4. Worest Vs Best
Not all replica shoes are of the same quality. We have our own factory with more than 10 years of shoe making technology.

5.Higher rating on trustpilot
On the famous review website trustpilot, many customers gave NiceKicksShop high ratings. Because they are satisfied with the quality of our shoes and clothes, they are so happy to leave us high ratings on their own initiative

*If you have shop for the best replica shoes at NiceKicksShop, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Please contact Customer Service to check your size and address all correct firstly, and can get order number,suggest contact by Whatsapp, it will be more quicker.

2. After you confirmed 1st step, just please wait patiently for QC pics, it normally will take about 1-5 business days to ready to send QC pics to you.

3. After you confirmed 2nd step, we will ship your shoes in 1-2 business days, and tracking numbers will be updated in 2-4 business days, you can check your order status and tracking number on Nice Kicks Shop website:

Tips: If you want to get shipping pics, please contact Customers Service to send to you after shipped shoes.

6.Provide Quality Control Pictures ( QC Pictures)
Before shipping, we will provide pictures (QC pictures) of your order,you can see the shoe details . until you are satisfied with the shoe , then we will ship shoes.

7.Provide Shipment Pictures And Tracking Number
We will share every day shipping pics in Discord!
3 days after delivery,*Tracking Numbers* will be shown in QC pics link after 3 days, you can put tracking number in below link to track or ask the customer serive send you the tracking number directly

8、Kindly Refund Policy
We have perfect Refund Policy . All you need to do is contact the customer service on whatsapp or gmail to solve for you.Click to see the Refund Policy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service or join the discord ⬇⬇⬇

Whatsapp:+1 6165971527



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